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Our Mission


friendship & social

exchange among



as a resource for

young people.


educational, civic & cultural experiences within the community.

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Florida Suncoast Chapter History

The organizers of our chapter, Audrey Coleman and Brenda Gladden met with Margie Lee of the Chicago Chapter on January 3, 2003, to consider a chapter of The Society, Incorporated for the Sarasota-Manatee counties. An organizational meeting with eighteen interested ladies was held at J Ryan’s Restaurant on April 16, 2003. At the next meeting on May 14, 2003, the group decided upon the name Florida Suncoast Friends for The Cultural Arts. Subsequent meetings included members from the Lakeland Chapter who served as our sponsor. Valuable information concerning the proper organizational procedure needed to establish an Interest Group was provided by Dr. Erslyn Foster of the Montgomery County Chapter.

Members included: Carol Buchanan, Marilyn Davenport, Jerline Dixon, Vildred Fitzgerald, Arlene Greene, Carol Johnson, Barbara Mask, Margaret Miller, Jacqueline Ray, Sadie Robinson, Edwina Stanley, and Lois Watson.

On October 26, 2003, the Florida Suncoast Friends for The Cultural Arts presented a showcase of eighteen talented students from the Manatee/Sarasota area. The Florida Suncoast Chapter held its chartering Weekend and Gala, April 16-18, 2004. Following the chartering weekend, the chapter celebrated Memorial Day with an outing at the home of Geneth and Gent Herman Bell.

The following officers were elected:
President - Audrey Coleman
Vice-President - Brenda Gladden
Recording Secretary - Clara Mims

Treasurer - Janice Fitzgerald

Parliamentarian - Florence Jackson
Corresponding Secretary - Geneth Bell

Financial Secretary - Judith Wilcox

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Florida Suncoast Chapter Members

Chapter Officers

President: Joyce Locklear
Vice President: Marilyn Davenport
Corresponding Secretary: Charmaine Downie
Recording Secretary: Jeanette Planes
Financial Secretary: Quincy Tharps
Treasurer: Francina Hollaway
Immediate Past President: Jacqueline Ray

Chapter Members

*Life Member

*Geneth Bell

Brenda Belsito
Theresa Ann Brown
Francine Brown

Hillary Scarbrough Dunson
*Vildred Fitzgerald
Geraldine Walton Gibbs
*Florence Jackson
*Margie Jaudon
*Margie Lee

* Barbara Mask

*Margaret Miller

*Clara Mims
*Charlotte Scarbrough
*Elizabeth Segars

Erica Sheppard
*Edwina Stanley
*Lois Watson
Lorraine Williams

Sheryl Williams


Carol Buchanan
Carroll Buchanan
Audrey Coleman
Jerline Dixon
William Fitzgerald
Brenda Gladden
Arlene Greene
Judith Wilcox

Charles Greene

Carol Johnson

Robert Johnson

George Mask

Sadie Robinson

Joseph Segars

Sylvia Watkins

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